Display your art beautifully online.

Create collections from your inventory and send them to interested clients or curators via a private link.

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What are Viewing Rooms?

An online space to present and sell your art to potential clients, collectors and curators. Select the pieces to be displayed, share the private link and handle any offers or sales easily through simplify.art.

Password Protection

Track Views

Secure Payments

Identity Verification

Multiple Payment Methods

Dispute Handling

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Professional design

Present your work beautifully in just a few clicks

Display your art professionally and flawlessly, the way it deserves. Our beautiful, minimal and intuitive design ensures a satisfying experience for your viewers.

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Secure Payments

Safety and security through Stripe

Stripe is one of the most trusted payment softwares available. It uses stringent security measures such as encryption to detect and block potential fraud so that your information is protected.

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Simplifying the business of art

Dashboard overview of Viewing Rooms

See your created Viewing Rooms all in one place. Track the number of views, make edits, preview and never lose the links that you've shared.

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Step by step

How does it work?
Buyer steps
Show Seller steps
Seller steps
Show Buyer steps

Receive your Payment Invite

Once the seller has created the Payment Invite, it will be shared to you via email.

Make the payment

Your money will be kept safe until the sale has been finalised.

Confirm delivery details

The seller will be in touch to confirm the delivery details.

Artwork is delivered

Your artwork arrives!

Confirm artwork delivery

Confirm you have received your artwork in good condition to finalise the sale so the seller can receive their money.

Create your Payment Invite

Select the artwork(s) you're selling, set prices and other costs and share with your buyer.

Buyer makes the payment

You will receive confirmation once the payment has been made.

Organise delivery

Confirm delivery details with the buyer and inform your designated transport company.

Artwork is delivered

The buyer confirms the artwork has arrived safely.

Get paid

Your payout is automatically deposited into your account.

All your questions answered

We're here to help! If you'd like to know more, please reach out.

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Is Viewing Rooms available on simplify.art's free plan?

You will need to purchase our All-Access plan to use Viewing Rooms. A simplify.art subscription gives you access to a whole bunch of features that makes managing your art easier such as exporting portfolios, insurance lists and loan agreements, managing your contacts, adding images from Dropbox and editing multiple artworks in your inventory at once. You can check out our pricing here.

Can I create a private Viewing Room?

Absolutely. You can make your Viewing Room private by setting up a password that you will share with any viewers so only they can access the Viewing Room.

Can I choose to hide the price of pieces and disable purchasing?

Yes, when creating your Viewing Room you have the option to present your work without any prices or the ability for the viewer to make a purchase.