The new way to sell and buy artworks. Scam-free.

We built an in-platform system for safely selling and buying artworks online. So you don’t have to deal with scams, delays and unpaid invoices.

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What are Payment Invites?

The new way to sell and buy artworks online without exchanging endless emails. Both buyer and seller are verified, sensitive details are protected and each phase of the sale can be tracked directly inside the app. All for a small fee.

Secure Payments

Identity Verification

Multiple Payment Methods

Dispute Handling

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Secure Payments

Safety and security through Stripe

Stripe is one of the most trusted payment softwares available. It uses stringent security measures such as encryption to detect and block potential fraud so that your information is protected.

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Identity Verification

Trust that you're dealing with real people

Using Stripe's trusted technology, we verify seller's identities by validating government ID documents and using biometric information to verify that the ID document matches the user.

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Multiple Payment Methods

Handle large sums with bank transfers

Buyers can choose to pay with credit card or bank transfers. Added convenience for larger sales that exceed credit card purchase limits.

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Simplified Sales & Acquisitions

Dashboard overview of all sales and acquisitions

Stop wasting precious time scrolling through your emails or bank account. Use the Sales & Acquisitions dashboard to check the status of a sale, re-download an invoice or communicate to the buyer that the artwork is on its way in one click!

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Step by step

How does it work?
Buyer steps
Show Seller steps
Seller steps
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Receive your Payment Invite

Once the seller has created the Payment Invite, it will be shared to you via email.

Make the payment

Your money will be kept safe until the sale has been finalised.

Confirm delivery details

The seller will be in touch to confirm the delivery details.

Artwork is delivered

Your artwork arrives!

Confirm artwork delivery

Confirm you have received your artwork in good condition to finalise the sale so the seller can receive their money.

Create your Payment Invite

Select the artwork(s) you're selling, set prices and other costs and share with your buyer.

Buyer makes the payment

You will receive confirmation once the payment has been made.

Organise delivery

Confirm delivery details with the buyer and inform your designated transport company.

Artwork is delivered

The buyer confirms the artwork has arrived safely.

Get paid

Your payout is automatically deposited into your account.

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Is Payment Invites available on's free plan?

Yes, Payment Invites can be used on our free plan. If you are on the All-Access plan, you will get a discount on the processing fee (7% instead of 9%).